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LOMEHO AM-G05 Portable Bluetooth USB Play Record 5 Channel PC Playback Guitar 2 Mono 1 Stereo Professional Audio Mixer


  •  Input Channels: input channels audio mixer
  •  Built-in Sound Card: They are the network broadcasting karaoke mixer with a sound card. They combine the traditional sound card and mixer function
  • Bluetooth:  Built-in Bluetooth, connect with a mobile phone or other Bluetooth player
  • MP3 Player: Built-in MP3 player to play and record the music
  • Connect to PC: Connect USB to PC to play and record the music, Connect USB to PC or power bank for supplying power, convenience for mobile audio connection, and outdoor guitar playing and singing.
  • Effect and EQ: Built-in 16 DSP and E equalizer
  • Rugged metal chassis
  • Power Supply: DC5V/1A power supply, or PC power supply.



  • Channel: 5 Channel ( 3 Mono +1 Stereo )
  • Phantom Power: 48V DC
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth Audio Mixer
  • Computer Playback: Computer Playback
  • Recording Format: MP3
  • Effect: 16 DSP
  • Power Supply: USB Power supply
  • Application: Party, DJ, Recording, Karaoke
  • Record: USB record, pc record

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